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              Christina: A Massage Brings Life To The World
Thank you Daphne for gifting me a wonderful massage in the middle of my battle with breast cancer - as you can see, both Mom and baby enjoyed it yesterday! In fact, Baby enjoyed it so much that he decided to come into the world today...I guess my timing was perfect!! Thanks so much for what you do for us out there!!
Jennifer Avance: A Royal Warrior

Jennifer was a true warrior. When I met her, she was in hospice and never gave up. A former breast cancer survivor, she was dealing with inoperable lung cancer. Upon visiting her, she was in tears, saying that she thought even though we promised to come, we wouldn't show up. She was tenacious and a sweetheart and I asked her what did she need - she asked for glasses so she could do arts and crafts in bed.

So a week later, I returned; I brought her the turban and matching pachmina to get ready for our journey. Then we ordered the paratransit bus and went to the optometrist at Hayward Optometry who was so accommodating due to her wheelchair and condition. We chose out some really cool burgundy glasses with flowers and studs on the frames to bring out the Diva! It was a long day for her, but I left her happy and content. Here she is in her lovely outfit - in my eyes she is royalty. On 11/28/2013 right before I sat down to Thanksgiving dinner, the call came. Jennifer passed on. Fly high, our dear Jennifer!

Heaven's Door  Divas Thank You!

We do appreciate your amazing generosity and can't do it without you. 

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