Milestones & Memories at Heaven's Door 

      Beautful Women Living Beautiful Lives Within Their Diagnosis

   Beyond Beauty: A Warrior's Story by Daphne Evans 

Beyond Beauty: A Warrior's Story is a book of triumph, love, tears and laughter - with a shot of Divatude. If you have gone through the struggles of this journey or have watched as a loved one has fought, then this is a book to celebrate creating fierce beauty despite the diagnosis. This coffee table book depicts women going through some of the toughest times in their lives to turn it around -- standing tall and beautiful.

Each woman shares her story, her fears and her inspiration, virtually holding others' hands going through the same diagnosis. There are stories of women who share their triumph at survival. There are others who share their triumph in transition - you will read their last conversations and be so inspired. 

Daphne Evans is Founder and CEO of Heaven's Door Cancer Foundation, starting in 2005 after coming home from a double mastectomy. She has also been diagnosed and has survived ovarian cancer in 1998 and metastatic spinal carcinoma in 2009; she has been cancer free since 2010. Daphne has visited hospitals to be with her sisters and has placed cancer patients from the hospital into national magazine photo shoots, TV and fashion runways in the San Francisco Bay Area. Reaching out to thousands of women to visit them, send them to spas across the country since 2005. As she encourages her divas to come with stiletto shoes to have prayer and take selfies before being wheeled into surgery, her mantra is "We will NOT be defined by our diagnosis." 


An Excerpt from Ilyssa Calonsag - A 25 year old Breast Cancer Warrior

"My deepest fear was that I would leave this earth with no mark on it. Not for the glory of attention or fame, but that I hadn’t given enough hope, enough love, enough grace and faith to those around me. I didn’t chase after the thought of 'what people thought of me' after I would pass, but I thought more of the words I longed to hear when I reach heaven; 'Well done, my good and faithful servant.'

My source of strength was God. I did my best to not make decisions based on fear, but in faith. My fiancé (now husband) at the time stepped up and took care of me like no one else could have. I praise the Lord for him. And as I was still afraid of not becoming a mother or even not living a full life like many others, I knew this is not my real home. That eternity is with Him. And until my last breath I will do my best to serve my Lord.

I am 25 now and taking much better care of my health. I am newly married with a goal of Making Every Moment Count in my heart. By no means am I perfect; I fail every day. But God gives me the strength to get back up every time. There are times we cannot carry all our burdens ourselves. So I say to those who feel like they are at the end of their road: If your health is failing you, if you feel abandoned and alone, lay all your worries down, because that is a heavy burden to carry. Let go and let God hold it for you."

Where Do The Proceeds Go? Heaven's Door Healing Retreat For Late Stage Cancer Divas

Proceeds from the sale of this book will go towards the purchase of a Heaven's Door Healing Retreat in Florida at the request of late stage cancer patients. Visitors and one companion will have meals served by organic catering restaurants in the area, massage therapy in-house from local spas, counseling and serenity by the pool or be driven to the Gulf of Mexico to walk along the beach. Thank you for your support in providing such a necessary boon for these remarkable women.