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Beyond Beauty: A Warrior's Story


Beyond Beauty: A Warrior's Story is a book of triumph, love, tears and laughter – with a shot of “Divatude”. If you have gone through the struggles of this journey or have watched as a loved one has fought, then this is a book to celebrate creating fierce beauty despite the diagnosis. This coffee table book depicts women going through some of the toughest times in their lives to turn it around -- standing tall and beautiful.

Daphne Evans is Founder and CEO of Heaven's Door Cancer Foundation, starting in 2005 after coming home from a double mastectomy. She has also been diagnosed and has survived ovarian cancer in 1998 and metastatic spinal carcinoma in 2009; she has been cancer free since 2010.  As she encourages her divas to come with stiletto shoes to have prayer and take selfies before being wheeled into surgery, her mantra is "We will NOT be defined by our diagnosis."

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