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                        June, 2010 My Cancer Free Praise Report

Daphne D. Evans To all who my lovies: As some of you know, in 1/09 I was diagnosed with metastatic spinal carcinoma. Monday, I went for my MRI. Today they told me: THE CANCER IS GONE. They can't find it!!! They did see that I now have spinal stenosis and advanced osteoarthritis of the spine which goes down the left leg. This can be quite painful and can be pretty progressive, but IT AIN'T CANCER! I'm praising God today!


Daphne D. Evans: Oh He has Michael! Thank you all for your prayers and love.I am being referred to the Spinal Institute to assist with the arthritis and pain. I know, I am not "old" but due to ovarian cancer in 1998, my bones are old - ha. But to know that after a year of being diagnosed with cancer; and now the doctors can't find it? I am so happy.

Michael Wise: Amazing!! I'm happy for you! :)

Shari Ann Olsen: Wonderful news Daphne!!!!!! God is so good!!! ♥

Lori Walker Cummings: I have been praying for you!!! Praise God!!! Sooo sooo happy for you!!! God has so many plans for you! You are special!!

Carmen Milagro: WONDERUL WONDERFUL news Daphne!! Yay!!!

Rebecca Nichols: Great!, Great!, Great!, "Everyday Holds The Possibility Of A Miracle......Much Love!!"

Daphne D. Evans: Amen - you have been my prayer folks when I couldn't pray for myself and I love you even more because you held me up. I am going across the street to the neighbors for a little No cancer celebration, but I love you all.

Daphne Cesair: Praise God Daph! what an awesome report! I'm so happy and thankful to God that He healed you! He's sooooo Faithful! all we have to do is trust and believe!!!

Dale McCombs: Woooeee! Praise the Lord! Don't tell me God doesn't answer prayers! Now take care of yourself.

Celina Lopez: Daphne, this is sooo wonderful. I have been praying for you and I am happy to see that God answers our prayers even in the midst of our trials. He loves us and cares for us. I realize suffering is part of the world but thank God when he is amazingly gracious!! xoxoxo.

Kim Clark Alsip: what wonderful news!


Julie Wade Boldt:That is wonderful Daphne! Praise the Lord! Will continue to keep you in our prayers.

Jeff Boldt: And again I say AMEN !

Daphne D. Evans: Just got back from having a little Thank you, Lord celebration next door. Thank you all so much. While I was at St. John's Imaging Center for my MRI, the nurse had a scripture that said, "Before you call, I will answer; while you are yet speaking, I will hear." I took that in with me and I know He does answer. I am taking that for purchasing this home for my cancer foundation too. Hugs to you all..:-)

Tom Johnson: How wonderful! "The effective prayer of a righteous man can accomplish much". James 5:16 The Lord has heard the many voices crying out for you, Daphne. And He has answered! Best news all day!

Celina Lopez: I  like that verse, Tom.

Tom Johnson: Celina, it is one of my favorites. Were it not for the prayers of some very special people in my life, I believe neither my life nor my soul would have been saved. Life is short. Pray often, and pray hard.

Brenda Kay Sauls: I'm glad you don't have the c- word either. You've got to excuse me but i've had too many people i love come down with that. Two family members even died of it. So unless somebody actually does have it i don't say it. KNock on wood that noone does. HUgs to ya.

Joseph Bencharsky: That is thrilling! I know the sciatic/nerve pain well. I have the stenosis but no arthritis, and it can be a drag. Trigger point therapy helped me most with the symptoms.

Dale Shumaker: Praise the Lord!

Janis Jackson Hayes: Thank the Lord! I am thrilled for you!!

Scott Sylvester: That's fantastic news Daphne.

Cynthia Story: Praise God and thank you Jesus. Receive healing and wholeness (that came through Jesus) for the spinal stenosis and the advanced osteroarthritis of the spine, Amen.

Zachary Van Doren: Awesome Daphne!

David J LeVert: Hey Auntie, what an absolute miracle!! It just made my day to read this!! Congratulations on the beginning of a "new" life!!

Daphne D. Evans: I just got online and oh my goodness! Thank you, my dear lovies for such love and good wishes and scriptures. I am so blessed and honored to be loved by you all. I will indeed try pilates and PT; pain mgmt. starts next week. I am also moving forward with my faith in God providing for me to buy this house to continue my ministry of housing cancer patients from out of town for chemo and surgery. I have until the end of this month but the Lord can make a way out of no way. Blessings and hugs to all.

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